Data Blockchain

Datablockchain.io allows small businesses to quickly find reliable data they can utilize in their day-to-day marketing.

Datablockchain.io provides the largest online repository which allows businesses of all sizes to access reliable, updated consumer information supplied by thousands of sources. Data blockchain works with these sources, holding the information and making it available to you at an affordable rate. Businesses no longer have to deal with agency markups, volume and price limitations or other issues that occur when trying to send out a campaign. The user sets the price, selects the audience through data block chain and then sends it out.

What Can Data Blockchain Do For Users?

Data Blockchain focuses on improving companies marketing efforts without raising costs. Most marketing agencies utilize consumer data from other agencies or sources. Data block chain takes away the middleman, thus giving complete access to the information one would need to market to the right audience. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the advantages of Datablockchain.io:

  • • Direct Targeting: Regardless of the type of marketing a company does, they still need to know their audience and where they are looking for products and services. Datablockchain.io utilizes multiple sources to provide updated and accurate information allowing business owners to reach the right audience in a short period of time.
  • • Lower Costs: Another advantage data block chain will present is lower costs. This is accomplished in two ways: Firstly, there will be an increase in the volume of data utilized, allowing Data Block Chain to lower prices. Subsequently, this allows for middlemen to be completely eliminated from the equation. A small business owner will have complete access to the information they need when they visit data blockchain, allowing them to get the best possible information at the lowest possible price.
  • • Improved ROI: Finally, the main advantage Datablockchain.io offers to small business owners is that it will improve ROI. This is accomplished because the cost will be less as well as the fact that a company will able to utilize the information found on data blockchain to improve their targeting efforts. More direct targeting means a higher conversion rate for campaigns.

How Can a Company Utilize Datablockchain.io In its Campaigns?

The funds raised from the Data Blockchain ICO will be allocated for the development of the app and DBCC token as well as for ongoing expenses that required for the project. 75% of the funds from the data Blockchain ICO will be spent on various equipment, development, data acquisition and marketing for the project. The remaining funds will be allocated for wages, offices, and legal and consulting services. The allocation chart below breaks this allocation down more in-depth:

Whether it’s email marketing, Facebook ads or something else, everything is driven by consumer information. The company will determine who sees the content, when they see it and how often they see it based on the platforms they visit and how often they visit it. The information provided by data blockchain allows for the organization to break down the consumer based on their age, location, personal interests, income, job title, online shopping behavior, marital status, how many children they have, political affiliation and more.

Brands That Use Our Data

Our data sources supply data and build data assets for the following industry leaders.

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