DBC.io Data Driven Marketing

DBC.io allows for users to maximize their marketing potential with the use of cost-effective data.

DBC.io utilizes data from thousands of credible sources and brings it all together to offer it to businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes. Too often, businesses shy away from using data from other sources, either because it’s not updated, or it is too expensive. Data blockchain eliminates those concerns as it ensures the most accurate and reliable consumer information on the market at a cost-effective rate.

Utilizing Data Blockchain To Improve Targeting

It is virtually impossible to have a successful marketing campaign without some form of targeting. The better a company’s targeting system, the better the results will be from it. Because the information on data blockchain is provided by multiple sources, a company can be sure that it is both relevant and accurate. The information is broken down based on a person’s gender, age, location, type of car they drive, shopping habits, personal interests, political affiliation, charitable contributions, job title, income if they own a home or rent, marital status, how many children they have and many more categories.

How DBC.io Lowers Marketing Costs

Often times, a company may still face budget limitations despite how successful their campaign is. Small businesses simply cannot spend the way larger companies can. Therefore, they not only have to make their efforts count, but they need to maximize their budget’s potential. DBC.io helps these companies to accomplish that because data blockchain is available at the lowest possible price as well as the fact that organizations are not going through an agency or using a middleman to help them find the information they need.

Data Block Chain ROI Focus

Marketing often comes down to ROI. A company is investing their own money into the company and need to see tangible results. Data blockchain focuses on lowering costs and improving the quality of those campaigns, thus making the return on investment much higher. The best part, this isn’t someone telling you what to do, you are utilizing your own experience, choosing your own audience and sending out campaigns at the rate that you want.

DBC.io is the largest online data repository, utilizing information collected from thousands of sources and gives companies unlimited access to that data, helping them to improve their marketing efforts with better results at a more cost-effective price.

Brands That Use Our Data

Our data sources supply data and build data assets for the following industry leaders.

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